Nina Bifolchi

Petty Politics Continue

Posted January 17, 2018

There is no upside to any situation when pettiness comes in to play. It is my opinion that pettiness is one action that has taken place over this term of council, dividing our community and preventing some of us from doing our job as your elected members of council.

I share the following with you not to complain but to ensure you have the facts. There is a small group in the community who have made it a mission to discredit some of us and have insinuated on a number of occasions that I’m not doing my job. I have addressed this previously but thought I would share just one more example.

The following was a post on Facebook which I responded to. I have removed the photos that councillor Belanger included in his post as I don’t believe it is appropriate to post pictures of youth without permission.

Joe Belanger Last evening I had the pleasure to assist Shelley Brook our Wasaga Beach Youth Centre Coordinator launch the new Youth Advisory Council application process. Nine members of our youth will be selected to work on youth priorities & issues. The Youth Advisory Committee will also work with local business and organizations and will advise Town Council on their recommendations. They will look at ways to connect with youth in our community. The group had many great questions and we are excited to get this new Youth Advisory Council Up and running!

Nina Bifolchi This was a great initiative that all of council supported. Unfortunately all members of council were not aware of the meeting. As a member of council who was part of the team who got the youth centre up and running 7 years ago I recognize how important our youth are to our community. Hopefully all of council will be kept in the loop moving forward.

Creating a youth advisory council is a great initiative to reach out to our future community leaders. It’s unfortunate that in my opinion good initiatives this term of council are surrounded by a dark cloud … in this case … pettiness.

It was confirmed for me this morning that despite being the elected Deputy Mayor and someone who was part of the team who originally got the youth centre up and running I was excluded from the opportunity to attend the event that Councillor Belanger posted about.

I have been advised that the staff member organizing the meeting reached out to the Mayor’s office and asked that he attend in order to add legitimacy to the new Youth Advisory council. The Mayor’s office indicated that he would not be able to attend and Joe Belanger was asked to attend in his place. Joe attended on behalf of the Mayor. It was not an event that was meant for all of council to attend and I can appreciate that. What I find petty is that once again I was not asked to step up in the Mayor’s absence.

This is just one of many examples. I share this with you so that when that small group starts whispering throughout the community that I’m not doing my job … you are aware of the exclusionary measures occurring preventing me from doing my job at times.

I am in my 12th year of sitting on town council and representing this community. I do not shirk my responsibilities and I will continue to do my job as your elected Deputy Mayor at all times. When attempts to silence, discredit or exclude me occur I will only get more vocal as I don’t believe I have any obligation to hide others bad behavior and I have every right to stand up for myself.