Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom – Wynne Visits Simcoe-Grey

Kathleen Wynne comes to Simcoe-Grey:
Posted April 7, 2017

Round table discussions were held April 6, 2017 between Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario and the Mayors and Wardens from the riding of Simcoe –Grey.

Mayor Smith is on vacation and chose to send Councillor Stockwell in his place. As your Deputy Mayor and County of Simcoe Councillor I was not asked or given the opportunity by Mayor Smith to attend in his absence.

I want to make sure the residents of this community know that at no time do I shirk my responsibilities as your elected Deputy Mayor. However, there are certainly times that I am not being allowed to represent you.

I look forward to Councillor Stockwell’s update of the meeting as well as hearing what questions he asked and the answers he received from the Premier that would assist us as a community when making very important decisions about Wasaga Distribution.