Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom – What is important in life

I am proud to say that I come from large family and a long line of hard working, tough women on both sides of my family! I was reminded of this today when I visited my Grandmother (Lore Litz) who this year had to move into a nursing home at the age of 90.

When the grandchildren were small we called her Mommom, because she said she was too young to be a grandmother but she said she was kind of like a double mom so that is where the name came from. As we got older we called her Ma and to this day friends and family still call her Ma Litz!

She worked hard her entire life and instilled this in her children and grandchildren. My grandmother came to Canada when she was four years old from Germany. Her parents took nothing for granted and worked hard to give their three girls the best life could offer.

After working hard and making a great life for her family my grandmother has now gotten to a point in life where she can no longer look after herself in her own space. I am so proud of my Grandmother for how she has handled the transition of leaving her home and moving to a much different environment.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Ceres. Ceres joined our family about 7 years ago, lived with my grandmother at first as her caregiver but quickly became one of the family. A huge thank you to Ceres for being the kind hearted wonderful woman she is and for taking such great care of my grandmother.

What’s important to me … my family, keeping in touch with my roots, my values and the strength I draw from being part of such a large awesome family. People come and go but family is always there.

My grandmother is fortunate to have many visitors but not everyone is as lucky. If you have some time and are looking to volunteer in a meaningful way, try spending time with our older generation. They would love to share their stories with you! Watching my grandmother’s face light up today while looking through old photos was priceless!

Life tends to fly by… let’s enjoy it!