Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom: Upcoming Meetings

Over the past couple of months Council has deferred a number of discussions to later dates as well as created a new list of items for discussion. On top of that Council has started the 2016 budget process.

Last week two meetings were scheduled to hear presentations from Town Department Heads so council could have a better understanding of why certain things were in the budget, why some had been removed and what efforts staff made to meet council’s direction of zero percent budget increase. Unfortunately some council members indicated that they felt it would be a waste of time to hear the presentations and so presentations were not done. Instead council members were directed to send a list of items to staff to be discussed at a later date. Being on council nine years I know how beneficial these presentations are for me, the public and the media and I certainly would have appreciated hearing them from staff.

It was suggested that staff would circulate potential dates to council members so that we can schedule meetings to discuss all of these outstanding items. In light of how many meetings are required to address these issues, Mr. Mayor suggested at a meeting earlier this week that while he recognizes we sit on other committees, have other meetings to attend and other commitments, council members need to put the municipality first and make sure we are available to attend these meetings to address the many items on our list. I completely agree, let’s get the work done!

I found out this morning that Mr. Mayor will be unavailable now for two weeks but I look forward to those meetings being set up upon his return to the office.

If you are interested in attending council or committee meetings please check the town’s website at for a calendar of meeting dates as well as the agenda items to be discussed.