Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom – Retain and Grow WDI

Confirmed by Council … WDI Retain and Grow!!
Posted July 7, 2017 – In my opinion …

As the Deputy Mayor of Wasaga Beach, I would first like to personally thank the entire community, who over the course of this proposal educated themselves, got engaged, and used their voices regardless of which position they took. That, is true democracy.

I am pleased to say that Council voted July 6, 2017 at a Special Meeting, to end this process immediately, and to confirm that you, the Town of Wasaga Beach, retain Wasaga Distribution and grow it!

Despite the fact that I am both happy and relieved with this outcome, I have some serious concerns about how this entire process played out. The key word is process, and how that process was handled by your Council came into question a number of times, by residents who supported all sides of the debate.

The sudden resignation by a member of the WDI board; complaints to the Integrity Commissioner regarding leaked information; the flow of information; the public’s opportunity to speak to the issue; the methodology of the survey; the cost to the taxpayer of this entire process; and finally the unscheduled motion to vote on this issue, without notification to the public….

These are all examples of things that I believe Council should have handled differently.

Process, due diligence, transparency, accountability… deserve for these words to be more than just political catch phrases.

Please view the meeting on Youtube

While Councillor Bray and I were obviously blindsided by the events that occurred at the start of the meeting, my biggest concern was that some members of council were privy to this unscheduled motion while some of us were left in the dark.

There is a lot of important work to be done by this Council during the remainder of this term. I would hope that moving forward this council will show leadership that guides this town in a responsible manner that does not cause more crisis and divide this community further.

I am thrilled to say that this was a vote of 7-0 to Retain and Grow WDI!!!!