Nina Bifolchi

NEWSROOM Political Debates

Political debates and why I won’t be part of them – Posted May 2, 2022

During the 2018 election it was announced that I, along with my opponent, would be having a debate on a specific day and time. Only after they shared that publicly did they invite me to the event. I declined. 

I will not be backed into a corner, pressured to do something I am not comfortable with, know to be wrong, not beneficial, or a waste of time, or has an ulterior motive associated with it.

While I’m sure my comments will resonate with some people, no-one should take these comments personally. I’m posting this today, at a time when I do not know who my registered opponents are. These are my reasons for not engaging in political debates. 

I have watched several political debates and while many people enjoy them for the entertainment value, rarely does anyone receive valid answers to the questions they have about that candidate or the issues. 

More often these debates turn to mud slinging and personal attacks. There are people who are great liars, love drama and can easily convince you that their uninformed, and perhaps intentionally dishonest ideas and words, are the truth. Some candidates will claim that a debate must occur in order to see who the real winner is. The real winner, or the best liar?

I prefer to deal with facts and the truth. And if I haven’t already made it clear, I have no interest in drama or a circus-type environment.
While I look forward to meet and greets and chats during the coming months, you will not see me in a political debate. As always I will attend the Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting held at the Rec Plex. You will not see me at all candidates meetings that are arranged and manipulated by supporters of my opponents. I find it laughable that they try to host these and claim that they are unbiased and fair events. 

If you have questions of me, please reach out and I’d be happy to share my thoughts with you.