Nina Bifolchi

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My competition, their supporters and what you may hear from them – Posted May 2, 2022

Some candidates and their supporters take the approach of personal attacks on their opponents instead of speaking about their own accomplishments. They spread lies and innuendo through whisper campaigns because their own track record is insufficient or not supportable. They seem to have little regard for rules or ethics.

Self-proclaimed advocates and ratepayers associations claiming to represent residents, but whose members are kept anonymous, need to be listened to with caution and their words challenged and checked from reputable sources for accuracy.
These types of groups and people use tactics that attack people, they lie, and they harass those who don’t agree with them.
Some will ask questions such as “aren’t you tired of how the town has been run by the current Mayor and Council?” This type of question implies to the listener that the town is perhaps not being run in an above board, transparent, progressive and professional manner. Completely inaccurate but it is a tactic used by those who have no reputable track record themselves to speak to you about. 

Some will claim that they are going to save you, help is on the way! Save you from what? Help you how? Usually in these situations they tell you things they think you want to hear in hopes of gaining your support. What they don’t tell you is that most, if not all of their promises, are not under municipal government authority, legislation won’t support what they are saying, is not legal, would cost the municipality and its tax payers unfairly, to name a few.

Some will just share ideas that sound great, but unfortunately are uninformed opinions, inaccurate and possibly legislatively not permissible or financially realistic. 

So often, people with political aspirations forget that they need to build consensus at the council table to get things done.

I encourage you to do your own due diligence. As an example, if you want confirmation of information dealing with our local schools, reach out to the Simcoe County District School Board staff. If you have questions about public works, parks and recreation, planning, building, or any other town department, reach out to them directly to ensure you are receiving accurate information. To be blunt, candidates don’t have all the answers, but some will make them up to gain your support.

In the 2018 election, I defeated the one-term incumbent Brian Smith for the position of Mayor of the Town of Wasaga Beach 6,101 votes to his 3,981.
Following the election, Mr. Smith encouraged his supporters to cause havoc, publicly calling on them to bring their pitchforks and hatchets. This type of behaviour is harmful to a community, divisive, and a bully approach that has no place in Wasaga Beach. 

We were fortunate during the 2018-2022 term of council to have an experienced group sitting at our council table. Together with great staff we were able to work together in the best interests of the community, mending fences that had been destroyed during Mr. Smith’s term and dealing with some of the residual effects of the previous term. We set goals and were able to complete all of our priorities.
I am extremely proud of our current council team, staff and the many accomplishments we have had under my leadership this term of council.

For my track record, please visit the tab “my track record.”