Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom: Beachfront Update

The summer is over, tourism has slowed, now what? At Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting on October 6, 2015 there was discussion about the need for repairs to the newly acquired beachfront properties. My comments at that meeting were as follows:

-Council already agreed to spend $331,350 in 2015 and an additional $366,600 over the next three years. Tonight we are being asked to put another $308,000 into these buildings.

-If this was the end of it perhaps I could support it but Burnside’s report clearly indicates this is not the end of the work that needs to be done on these buildings.

-I have been asking for months for a comprehensive list of ALL deficiencies for these buildings and the costs to repair them. Then we can make a decision as to whether it is worth throwing money at these buildings. If its council’s wish to rent these buildings out for the next 10 or more years so be it but let’s get the full costs to bring the buildings up to snuff instead of doing this in bits and pieces. We may find at the end that we have paid more than the buildings are worth and more than we can ever recover on behalf our residents.

-The recommendation is to again take the money from reserves.

-Before I commit one more nickel to these buildings I want to see a full cost of repairs a business plan as well as this council’s plan to put money back into reserves for future needs of this community.

By way of a recorded vote council supported spending further money and taking it from reserves. I did not support the recommendation.

A recent report from the Treasury Department suggests that it is expected that approximately $875,000 from reserves will be utilized to subsidize the beachfront venture this year.

Council still has lots to talk about regarding the beachfront and I’m still waiting for a vision and business plan.