Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom – Beachfront Purchase

Wasaga Sun Article “Wasaga Beach weighs in on result of Beachfront purchase”
-posted Friday September 11, 2015

As always Ian provided a well written article. I stand behind the comments I made as follows:

“There is still no business plan, strategic vision, decision on what to do with the buildings or final costs that will need to be sunk into these buildings and properties,” Deputy Mayor Nina Bifolchi told The Sun.

“Therefore, nothing has occurred over the summer that would change my decision regarding the purchase of the beachfront. Council still needs to figure out how to make this purchase a success,” Bifolchi said, adding while more units were rented this summer business in town has also been helped by good weather and a lower Canadian dollar.

“The town purchasing these buildings has not accomplished anything but depleting town reserves and increasing debt load,” she said.


-I have been told that there were ONLY two new business licenses issued in 2015 over 2014 operating out of the “town owned beachfront properties.” While both offer a tasty product, I just can’t see that more people came to Wasaga Beach this year because we added our 4th Timmy’s in town and a fish’n’chips store on our beachfront.

-This year maybe the rent will come close to covering the interest on the loans and cover the property taxes BUT keep in mind……we only had to pay interest on loans that were in place for HALF the year due to the timing of the purchase.

I love working for this community and despite the bullying tactics that I have been encountering I will continue to vote in the best interest of the town and residents. A fellow council member recently suggested to me at a meeting that if I don’t agree with what the Mayor/council are doing then I should just resign. Suggesting someone should resign because they don’t agree with you is the type of behaviour you would see in the schoolyard. I have voted in favour of many issues along with my fellow councillors but when I feel an issue needs more discussion or is just plain wrong then I cannot go along with the majority.

Some council members are still learning that we are voting on issues that affect the town not voting on whether we like each other. Council members should come to the table informed and prepared to make their own judgement on the issues before us. Some people consider me to be negative because I don’t go along with the majority however, I choose to call it clear responsible thinking.