Nina Bifolchi

Newsroom – Creation of a Beachfront Property Management Board

Hello Residents!

I have posted below the comments I made at the February 14, 2017 Committee of the Whole meeting to share with you the concerns I raised regarding the creation of a beachfront property management board. I hope you share any comments or concerns you may have with the creation of this board with Council Members and others. The decision is to be ratified by council on February 21, 2017.

-All of my comments that follow are my opinion or belief and not directed at any particular staff member, council member or member of the community as we are only talking about Terms of Reference at this point and not individuals.

-An elected body of council delegating its authority to three members of council and some currently unnamed residents for our entire beachfront concerns alarms me and should concern and alarm the residents of this community.

-I see loss of accountability and transparency with the creation of this board.

-As elected council members we answer to our constituents, the unelected board does not. This board being given the authority to make financial decisions on behalf of the resident’s investment in the beachfront is irresponsible.

-The fact that this unelected board will have the authority to bind the town for up to 5 years with no input from this council or the next, is irresponsible.

-I have previously shared concerns about the procurement policy during this term of council. To pass this responsibility off to an unelected board is irresponsible and leaves opportunity for speculation.

-This council has yet to create or come up with a business plan or any plan for the beachfront, what direction are we really providing this board on behalf of the stakeholders?

-Giving this unelected board negotiating power on behalf of the residents and this council is irresponsible.

-The fact that town staff will be required to take direction from an unelected Chair and Board is irresponsible and again creates the same confusion that we just corrected in our code of conduct based on recommendations from KPMG.

-If the minutes are not shared like Wasaga Distribution or minimally written like other committees this term, the minutes will be useless to anyone wanting and expecting transparency or a knowledge of what is really going on.

-I would like to be on record as highly opposed to this board being created and what I believe to be another opportunity to silence members of council and the public who ask questions. Why do we need to replace the voice of 4 members of this council with 4 or 5 unelected members of the community? We were elected by the residents to make decisions on their behalf. I see creation of this board as shirking our responsibility.

-if this is approved I would suggest again, that the town auditors be in charge of advertising, interviewing and selecting members for this committee with no input from council or staff. This will provide confidence to the residents and us around this table that appropriate members of the public with appropriate qualifications are sitting around the board table without any worry of conflicts …

I would think that we would all want that.