Nina Bifolchi

NEWS – Truth vs Fabrication

Truth vs Fabrication
-June 4, 2022

It is really difficult to keep up with the sneaky whisper campaigns and the blatant lies and misinformation that gets spread by a handful of people in our community. I do not have time nor the desire to spend my days debunking it, but people deserve the truth. 

As I’ve said before, I will provide you information when time permits and you can make up your own mind as to why certain people say what they do. Get the facts, connect the dots and do your own due diligence. 

The Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association has been sending out emails and posting on social media again with skewed views. I’m not going to reiterate the nonsense but will speak to a couple of items. The WBRA recently were a delegate before council.

Their letter/e-blast/social media post stated “Mayor Bifolchi, quite unbecoming, disrespectful, and insulting for any deputation, felt the need to undermine WBRA in her opening comments.” 

If you are insulted by the truth or feel that the truth undermines your story … maybe your story is the problem. I’m not going to change the truth to fit your story nor allow misinformation to be shared at the council table.

Mrs. Ego, President of the WBRA, also took offence that following her presentation the town’s solicitor, Mary Ellen Bench who is part of the beachfront redevelopment negotiations team, spoke to the process with regard to redevelopment of the beachfront. Mary Ellen confirmed that it has been a rigorous process that included public consultation at the appropriate times. I felt it was important that the truth be shared by someone in the know. However, Mrs. Ego appears to have taken offence to having the truth shared by one of the town’s experienced professionals.

I encourage you to watch Mrs. Ego’s deputation and listen to the facts and truth that followed.

Who are some of the directors of the WBRA?

Faye Ego – President of the WBRA

Mrs. Ego is the wife of an unsuccessful candidate in the 2018 election who served on the 2014-2018 Smith term of Council.

Glenn Smale – Vice President of the WBRA

Mr. Smale sat as a member of the town’s Beachfront Management Board during the 2014-2018 Smith term of Council.

Peter Gribbin – Treasurer of the WBRA

Mr. Gribbin sat as a member of the town’s Downtown Development Master Plan Steering Committee during the 2014-2018 Smith term of Council. I will also note that Mrs. Ego’s husband also sat on this committee.

NOTE: Both the Beachfront Management Board and the Downtown Development Master Plan Steering Committee were dissolved following the 2018 election. The current council felt that town business, especially where finances were involved, was best overseen by the elected officials, not volunteers.

Frank Giannone – FRAM 

I have heard Mr. Giannone referred to as a world class developer. I have met a lot of developers and I have yet to meet one that spends their time on Facebook sewer sites taking cheap shots at residents and making defamatory and libellous comments about members of council. I will leave it to you to ponder Mr. Giannone’s motives for spending his time in this fashion as per the post below.

As the picture below shows, Mr. Giannone was also in attendance and participated with the former mayor while attending a get together following his 2018 election loss, encouraging residents to get their pitchforks and hatchets. Mr. Smith also was quoted telling people “if you don’t stand up for the community, then you get what you deserve.” 

Well Mr. Smith I think between the community’s building/construction boom, casino construction moving ahead, arena and library well under construction and council following an above board process to redevelop the town owned beachfront properties, (just to name a few things) people are getting what this council promised them. I will also note this all occurred during a pandemic which was not an easy task.

Upcoming municipal election. Now that the Provincial elections over, we need to focus our attention at the municipal level.

As you are aware I will again be looking for your support to be re-elected as your Mayor. Sylvia Bray is looking for your support to be re-elected as your Deputy Mayor. 

This leaves 5 councillor positions. If you are an individual who is genuinely excited about continuing to move Wasaga Beach forward and serve your community please reach out to me. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

As we are in the election silly season I encourage you to keep it classy and don’t get pulled down into the depths some want to take you!