Nina Bifolchi

NEWS People’s Pants Are On Fire

Everyone knows the childhood rhyme, “liar liar pants on fire” but sadly some children grow up and become adults who continue to lie. In my opinion these ethically challenged people like to cause drama and confusion to others for their own selfish reasons.

The most laughable lie I heard recently was that my family was mafia and that they are tied to redevelopment of the beachfront. I can assure you there is zero truth to that.

Unfortunately the town had to correct lies last week dealing with the town’s beachfront properties. Read here for an update.

A video of an event held last week by Giorgio Mamolitti (GM) was sent to me. If you were in attendance or viewed his video I encourage you to get the facts. Listening to people blindly clapping and agreeing with the misinformation that was being spread by this person is alarming. I would also suggest that GM stock up on pants if he is going to continue to spread mistruths.

GM uses the word “I” a lot. What he needs to understand is that as Mayor you are required to work as part of a team. 

GM starts off early in the video claiming to know Wasaga Beach better than others despite only having lived here permanently for a short period of time. It was apparent during the video that he doesn’t know Wasaga Beach very well nor does he understand the Municipal Act.

GM speaks to “cases” he took on as an advocate. He spoke about an illegal rooming house being built in a subdivision that was zoned for a single family home but the property owner was about to build a six plex. He sarcastically speaks about when he dug deeper he found out who the contractor was that “took on the responsibility of building that complex.” GM stepped into slanderous territory by spreading falsehoods about a respected local business man. He tells the audience that it was Mr. Litz, the mayor’s father. 

My father is hired to excavate and backfill home foundations and has done so all over Wasaga Beach and beyond our borders for decades. GM’s exaggeration of my father’s involvement in an illegal build is a complete lie. GM should realize that harassing and unfairly defaming your opponents family is frowned upon by most.

My father is in the topsoil and excavation business. He does not build homes for others. GM knows this as it has been explained to him previously but he continues with his defamatory lies. Those who know my parents, Robert and Sandy Litz, know their history, their work ethic, how they have given back to our community and that they are genuinely awesome people. I wrote about them in a blog I posted a couple of years ago for those who want the truth. They are the hardest working people I know and most certainly do not deserve to be defamed by the likes of someone like GM.  

Becoming Nina

GM goes on to speak to his audience about me, indicating “by the way the mayor is not Italian. She just kept her name, she’s divorced and kept her name.” Yes as per the link above I don’t hide the fact that I’m divorced. Nor do I hide my pride for my family name Litz or that I come from a German background. I kept the same last name as my children after my divorce. I think a lot of people do that. For the record, while I’m not Italian, I do make sauce from scratch and it tastes pretty good!

GM goes on to tell several lies including that the mayor only gives him and others 10-15 “seconds” to speak at meetings. That is a lie.

GM also implies on a number of occasions throughout his rant that as Mayor I make all the decisions. That is a lie. We have a 7 member council who discuss matters, takes advice by staff and professionals and by a majority vote, makes decisions and provides staff direction.

GM makes comments that are completely inaccurate. He states that we are paying way too much in taxes compared to our municipal counterparts and province. He says the first thing he is going to do is give a property “tax rebate” in the first year of his term. For those who clapped and cheered on the video I encourage you to ask GM what part of the Municipal Act allows for this and if its legal. Here is the link for more information about the 2022 budget but provided below is the chart included in the staff report for ease of reference.

NOTE: Shown below in the tax rate comparator chart, it is clear that Wasaga Beach continues to have one of the lower tax rates when compared with our municipal comparators.  Note in this chart, that the Wasaga Beach tax rate is for 2022, whereas the comparators rates reflect their 2021 tax rates, which may increase as they complete the budget process for 2022.

GM speaks to the forensic audit he is going to do that will surely see people taken away in handcuffs. To this, I say … go ahead. It will be a costly exercise for the taxpayers of Wasaga Beach but it will prove to the community that this council and town staff are truly working in the best interests of the community. Everything is above board and it provides us with a great feeling.

GM then goes on to say years 2, 3 and 4 of when he is Mayor he will freeze the taxes in addition to the first year rebate. Well that is certainly one way to completely cut back on services you provide to a community, stop all infrastructure improvements as well as to ensure a much higher tax increase in the years to follow. Anyone with financial acuity in municipal government knows that these tactics sound good and fool voters but are harmful to the community and tax payers in the end.

GM speaks to no condos on Beach Area 1 or selling to any private developer or friend of any councillor or the mayor. While he wants you to think that members of council are somehow making deals with friends, he is lying. He then goes on and suggests “instead why not make some money a scheme that will make some money.” I’m sorry GM, municipal councils should not be involved in “schemes.” In addition to the truth corner above regarding former Mayor Smith’s inaccurate comments you can find more about the beachfront redevelopment process by clicking this link.

GM goes on to say we need soccer pitches for our children. Seriously? Is he not aware of our large, loved by all, Sports Park with the best soccer pitches around?

GM speaks to a healthcare crises. He speaks to how we enjoyed the (walk in) clinic when it was here but that the current administration “removed it.” This is inaccurate. Here is the link regarding the former walk in clinic and the facts surrounding its closure. Health care is a provincial responsibility. However, the Town of Wasaga Beach has a doctor recruitment program that has been quite successful in attracting doctors to our community.

GM seemed to be very focused on creating a downtown. He claims he is an expert. He speaks to how he sees construction of this area but must have forgotten that the land is privately owned along Main Street and that under no circumstances should the taxpayers have to pick up the tab for his vision for this area which would no doubt have to include expensive expropriation of people’s properties and homes, paid for by the taxpayers. The downtown master plan is in place and any land owner along Main Street is free to develop their properties any time they are ready.

GM makes comments about how his hydro goes out every time there is a storm and that we need to work with our distribution company to fix some of these problems. Seriously GM? Please learn about our amazing locally owned hydro utility that our community is so proud of before spewing your uninformed opinions. 

GM implies that one of the reasons we don’t get proper service is because the politicians meddle too much “telling staff they will lose their jobs if they don’t say and do what they are told.” This is a complete lie.

GM speaks about snow removal and how he is going to have a second truck that is going to come after the first truck and it’s going to remove the snow left in driveways. That sounds lovely, but did he share with you the price tag and that expert staff don’t support it? Here is a link to an agenda that contains staff report item 4.4.1 dealing with this matter.

GM assures everyone that there won’t be any more developers building on flood plains or marshes. I guess GM is not aware that the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority oversees these matters and development is not permitted in areas that are deemed to be inappropriate or harmful to the environment. Already being done GM!

GM claims that friends, favouritism and “who is sleeping with whom” has a lot to do with how decisions are made in this town. Perhaps this is how GM has made things happen in his past career as a politician, I don’t know, but can assure all, that decisions in Wasaga Beach are made by a 7 member council based on facts and sound information. 

GM claims that he will “renegotiate” the casino matter. He claims that the decision to build the casino was not talked about with the local residents and that no public discourse ever happened and claims it was decided in 1985 if I understood him correctly. He claims there will be no jobs that will come out of this and that they will be shutting it down because they don’t have the resources to keep it open. This is a lie. Here is a link regarding the casino history. We also expect to hear more news on this exciting new addition to our community in the near future.

GM claims that Wasaga Beach is turning into the armpit of Simcoe. This is not true and certainly not supported by our off the charts development and increased population over the past few years. He said he “may” have some partners who want to build a private high school in Wasaga Beach and can probably have it built within two years. GM did not indicate that he had property for this, where it was located, who was paying for it, whether it was zoned appropriately, who would teach at this school, how it would be funded, would the courses meet the needs of our students, what is expected from the taxpayers in this partnership etc. He did however indicate that he would find a way to “subsidize” kids to go to school there. Would that be all of our secondary students? Would it be taxpayers subsidizing students? 

The SCDSB has indicated that they expect to have a secondary school built in Wasaga Beach located on Sunnidale Road in 2029/2030 that is already covered by the taxes residents pay. I encourage you to click this link or reach out directly to the SCDSB staff for accurate information.

GM claimed that the arena/library is going to cost 85 million dollars at the very least and that taxpayers will see a 27% increase in your property taxes. This is a lie. GM goes on to say that he is going to sell the arena and create a public private partnership to stop the 27% increase. His  taxation fear tactics should not be taken seriously but you should be concerned about him trying to sell this currently under construction asset. Please see this link for accurate information about the new arena/library build.

GM thinks that a ward system is best and that he will make it happen with his administration. I guess he missed the referendum on the ballot at the last election. See this link for more information and refer to agenda item 6.4.1(b)vi.

I did not respond to all of GM’s lies in his video. There are just far too many. You should not take my omitting of these (or ignoring future ones) as them being the truth but rather it being just too time consuming and total nonsense to spend more time on.

As I always say please do your own due diligence and get information from reliable sources.