Nina Bifolchi

NEWS – No Class Tactics

Lies, Whisper Campaigns and No Class Tactics!
– Posted July 17, 2022

For those who know me, you know I deal with facts and I despise liars. 

I will not lie to this community or the residents to gain your vote … but others who have nothing good to share about themselves or any valid positive accomplishments will, and you need to be vigilant.

Along with Deputy Mayor Bray, I attended a charity event this morning. We attended to support the organizers, see some awesome motorcycles and mingle with those visiting our community. 

This was a charity event, not a political one. We did not wear our council name tags nor expect or ask for any recognition. I was asked last minute by one of the organizers to provide a welcome from the town. I made a 30 second welcome to the riders, congratulated the organizers and thanked them for working on behalf of a great cause. 

I am very aware that people do not enjoy it when politicians ramble on and I tend to keep these opportunities short and respectful. The event was not about me.

However, the Giorgio team showed up in matching campaign t-shirts acting like they had some claim to this awesome event. Even worse GM took to the mic and started a political speech that was not appreciated by the crowd. One person yelled “shut up” and there were a few boos heard while others started to speak among themselves. These tactics give politicians or wanna be politicians bad names.

Following the event I was made aware that another candidate in the upcoming election was out recently spreading his lies ones again. I am told it was at a neighbourhood gathering on Shore Lane in the west end of town. 

Apparently he put myself and council down, dodged questions asked of him, and stated that I was in the pockets of the developers at the beachfront. This man is a liar. I’ve witnessed it, the people at this event witnessed it and he will continue until the election looking for opportunities to whisper lies about me in your back yard or anywhere you will allow it. 

This man will tell you I am corrupt, but provide you no facts or proof of it because it is not true. This is why he cowardly makes these statements in back yards, or shows up at your place of business or front door for a one-on-one whisper session. I encourage you to call him out and ask him for the proof of what he says, because in my experience and my opinion, his word means nothing.

I encourage all to refresh your memory with the secret deal being made surrounding our beachfront last term of council that we found out about following the 2018 election. 

You weren’t asked if you wanted to purchase and hold the financial burden and liability of the beachfront properties in 2015 when the Smith Council purchased it. None of us knew about the deal being worked on by a couple of people between the casino operators and the town during the Smith term that was going to cost you the taxpayers millions and millions of dollars with absolutely zero benefit. 

Who was going to benefit? Please take a read of this article I wrote a couple of months ago that includes links to facts, and you be the judge.


In this years election remember … you can’t leave those who created the problem in charge of the solution. Don’t allow the 2014-2018 term of spendthrift mayhem back into town hall.

I’ve tried to understand why people lie and why some lie so easily.  I share the following just for your information.

A pathological liar believes their own lies, lives in a world of delusion and has no concern about the consequences of their actions. The means to get to the end, the lies told or the people hurt, means nothing to them.

The narcissistic liar seeks attention and will attempt to make you question your own sense of reality. If you call a narcissistic liar out they will deny your claims but provide no facts. They will deflect from themselves and turn the tables on you, making you feel self conscious and wrong.

Some will say I’m being negative by correcting lies or defending myself against defamatory comments and that I should just ignore them. Believe me, I would love to spend my Sunday doing something else. Those with less than stellar reputations will not be allowed to unfairly, unethically and through lies, ruin my good reputation.

I ask that you share this article by social media, with your neighbours and friends, and by word of mouth. I ask that you call out the BS when you hear it. I also ask that if you have questions about me please reach out directly to me. My opponents and their supporters are not the most reliable place to hear the facts.

Thank you.