Nina Bifolchi

News – Mayoral Monday June 8th on 97.7 The Beach

I’ve had a number of calls looking for clarification regarding comments made on the June 8th, 2015 Mayoral Monday broadcast on 97.7 The Beach. I thought I would take the opportunity to clarify a few things here.

The question was asked if the beachfront properties first month’s rent had been paid. It was answered with “we have been paid all our rent so far.” This was not the case. The following day at our (open to the public) Committee of the Whole meeting it was brought to light that not only was some rent not paid there was also a building being occupied without a signed lease agreement. I am told by our CAO that this situation has now been rectified.

It was suggested that town staff were already looking at 5-7 year leases for our beachfront properties to be put in place in the fall. Another comment made was that if the right proposal came forward “we will sell it to them.” I can’t answer your questions on these two items as council has not made any decisions or given any direction to staff on these properties beyond this summer. Really hoping these discussions occur soon at the council table.

Also mentioned was that apparently the Mayor has spoken to developers who are interested in the beachfront land and apparently the town has already received proposals to purchase the land. I can’t make any comments on this because this is the first I’ve heard of it as it has not been discussed at the council table.

Complementary comments were made about our Treasurer, which I agree with 100%. However Mr. Mayor said that he “stands behind her (the treasurer) design 100%” dealing with the financing. It needs to be pointed out that the town’s treasurer brought forward a number of financing options and the majority of council chose the financing option that they did. So, whether you agree or disagree with this decision it needs to be clear that the final decision rests on council’s shoulders not the treasurer’s or her design.

As plans move ahead for our beachfront properties I will keep you posted!