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News – Disgusting and Irresponsible Reporting

Posted July 29, 2022

I am totally disgusted with the CTV news report of July 28th dealing with a human resource matter for the Town of Wasaga Beach. 

The reporter knows full well that the town, like all other reputable work places, can not and will not discuss a personnel matter. This left the reporter with an incomplete and inaccurate story that he went ahead with anyway. 

It would appear that the reporter allowed himself to be pulled in and wrapped up in an election vilification campaign. This reporter giving air time to Councillor Belanger who has a history of being found guilty of breaking the town’s code of conduct and misleading the public, has resulted in a skewed story full of inaccuracies.

At a meeting of council, Councillor Belanger was sanctioned just hours prior to the news report being aired. The sanctions were at the recommendation of the Integrity Commissioner, for once again breaching Council’s Code of Conduct and misleading the public. Please read the report and town media release here.

Why did CTV news not report on the councillor’s 4th sanction that was backed up with facts and a fulsome report from the integrity commissioner? Surely politicians doing bad things, breaking the Municipal Act and Oath of Office, should trump half stories filled with inaccuracies and lies with the sole purpose of harming others.

CTV and their team should be ashamed. Those who contributed falsely to the story should be ashamed. 

People are human. People make mistakes. But people who lie for their own gain and to hurt  others, despite not being perfect themselves, are eventually met with Karma. Good luck to you because I hear she can be a real witch!

Here is the town’s release dealing with this matter.

Its no secret that there is a small group of non supporters also known as haters in the community of Wasaga Beach. They hide behind their keyboards, they ask you to pick up your pitchforks and hatchets, they engage in whisper campaigns and they like to spread gossip. They are truly cowards.

Councillor Belanger is aligned with all three of my election competitors. I encourage you to do your own due diligence and research before you vote in this year’s election. It always amuses me when people in glass houses unfairly throw stones at others.

I believe Councillor Belanger’s involvement in the recent CTV scandal report is election related. This small hateful local group has tried every attack possible against me for the better part of the last 8 years … I’m still standing guys! 

I see this recent event as just another attempt to lie and make it appear as if I am doing a bad job but looking to hurt others in the process. This won’t be their last attempt … we have three months until the election. I expect that there will be more harassment and attacks and it is important that you the public see them for what they are.

Thank you for all of the supporting messages today.

I have been very open with the public about my life, who I am and what I stand for. If you haven’t read my post from a couple of years ago, wait for the next rainy day and take a read. I have nothing to hide. I am who I am and have no intention of changing. 

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Have a great long weekend!