Nina Bifolchi

NEWS – Character Assassination

Posted July 30, 2022

Definition: The malicious, deliberate and unjustified harming of a person’s good reputation by criticizing them in an unfair and dishonest way. Narcissistic people are known for this with intentional attempts to influence the portrayal or reputation of someone in such a way as to cause others to develop an extremely negative or unappealing perception of them. Character assassination is inflicted by emotional and psychological abuse designed to destroy the credibility and reputation of the target while attempting to tear them down piece by piece. The clingons who do the dirty work for their leader are just as bad if not worse.

Narcissists, dishonest and unethical people can’t stand honest people. They are weak cowards who try and distract you from their own sordid past by inflicting a character assassination on to others.

My competition and their cling ons can’t give you valid reasons to not vote for me. Under my leadership, all of council’s priorities have been met and all have been done above board. After 16 years as a member of council, I can tell you this is not always the case. 

The recent CTV report which I posted about was a distraction to imply I had covered something up. Couldn’t be further from the truth, but some people will believe it and that is what the character assassinators want from you. I encourage you to recognize this behaviour and don’t be sucked in to this unappealing world these sad people live in.


As I said in the article link above, this won’t be their last attempt, there is still three months till the election. There will no doubt be more harassment and character assassination attempts against me. I’m not going to spend the next three months trying to address the daily attacks of these less than stellar individuals as I believe their reputations speak for themselves. I am also not going to be goaded into defending or explaining each time they attack or post something on social media. 

I ask for your help. If you see things on social media or you hear things out on the street, please direct people to my website, ask that they reach out to me directly or get factual information from the town directly. We have a lot of great things happening in our community and a handful of haters are trying to convince you different. 

I have been very open about my life and this frustrates the assassinators even more. People share with me social media posts from the haters, suggesting I’ve had “relations” with people. They do these posts as a psychological attempt to bring me to my knees. I am 51 years old, single and have every right to have a personal life. I will not spend my days defending myself or apologizing for being human. 

Now if I’m being honest, after working days, nights and weekends on town business since being elected as your Mayor in October 2018, it doesn’t leave much time for social. It’s got to be close to three years that I’ve even been on a date so nothing much to talk about! 

The assassinators and haters have even made it difficult to go out for dinner with family and friends because if they see you with me, you will be the one they attack next. These types of people like to segregate their target because they feel if alone you can be defeated. What they fail to understand is that the “alone” moments are the moments that make you stronger than ever. 

Thank you to those who continue to be strong enough to stand with me publicly without fear from the small vile group of haters. There are others who quietly support me who I also truly appreciate. These people who are in business, work for the town, are part of non-profit or service groups, understandably fear speaking up because they have seen how others in their positions have been attacked. It has been my experience, if you don’t speak up, they will take note of your fear and come for you eventually.

I was recently approached by someone who said they had heard I was “tough.” They said it like it was a bad thing. I am tough and in my opinion that has been to the benefit of this community and those I represent. I am a leader who has the backs of residents, family and friends, who does what I say I will and at the detriment of living my own life fully, defend this community against those wanting to take advantage of it.

I ask that you stand with me, don’t be intimidated or fooled by those trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If they have to trick you into gaining your support, that should be your first red flag!