Nina Bifolchi

News – Behind The Scenes

As your Deputy Mayor I try to follow the right path and in the best interest of our community.

This quite often means I am in the minority vote as I’m sure you have noticed.

That doesn’t matter, I will always represent your interests even if I have a different opinion from others.
Unfortunately behind the scenes is becoming troublesome.

I have had several integrity commissioner complaints brought against me by a member of council and a staff member. To date those addressed have been dismissed.

In those complaints, I have been accused of breaking the code of conduct as well as things such as; having an offensive face, refusing to meet behind closed doors and for having my own opinion.

And the latest brought to my attention … a smear campaign against me that affects my family and friends. My personal life has been attacked by vicious rumours.

Again, I will remind all who read this, I am only one vote. Why are some so worried about myself and my actions?

For those of you who choose to spread libelous statements and slander others … ask yourself why you are doing it, who you are doing it for, how does it help you, what could the consequences be and is it really worth the bad karma?

I continue to thank you for visiting my website and sharing our joined interest in Wasaga Beach, our home.

– Nina