Nina Bifolchi

NEWS – Beachfront Negotiations

Posted July 25, 2022

Negotiations regarding the redevelopment of town-owned land at the beachfront will continue for a few more weeks.

On Thursday July 21, 2022 members of council approved discussions continuing between the town and Bayloc Developments Inc.  

The town will provide further information when available. See the town’s website for more details about the town’s efforts to redevelop town-owned land at the beachfront.

Another link to information:

I have also previously provided details regarding the beachfront properties on my website:

I know that people are eager to know more about the proposed development and once negotiations are completed the town and team look forward to sharing more information publicly. This is truly an exciting time and opportunity to rejuvenate the beachfront area, bringing it up to date and welcoming amenities, stores, pedestrian areas and restaurants as well as a residential component to our waterfront. 

The town’s team of experts consisting of solicitors, consultants, staff, as well as a third party fairness monitor, are guiding council through this process. The team does not recommend sharing details of negotiations at this time. This is a normal practice followed in these situations. I encourage you to think of negotiations you may have had in both your personal and business life experiences … I doubt you shouted the details up and down your street or handed the details over in a nice file folder to your competitor. 

A local ratepayer group continues to spread inaccurate information. There are also individuals who continue to post defamatory and libellous statements while attempting to scare residents with untruths. I’ve often wondered how these individuals would feel if those they attacked did the same to them. Would they enjoy it if it was their co-workers, their employer and their family being harassed and lied about? They seem to have no boundaries or ethics when they are attacking others. It is just wrong.

I have had several people share the post below with me. This is not the first harassing post by this individual. They have gone after this well respected and experienced developer as well as individuals including town staff on a number of occasions. Not only does the post smell of harassment, it once again has inaccurate information.

The public will not be cut off from the beach when redevelopment occurs. Six storey buildings were permitted under the last (Smith) term of council but Ms. Black-Smith raised no issues then. This council has said on several occasions we will not sell out this community … and we won’t.

However, we do have an obligation to deal with the burden of owning these properties that were purchased by the last council. They were purchased with no consultation or knowledge by you, the taxpayer, but you have been subsidizing this purchase ever since. If you haven’t already read the history of the beachfront properties I encourage you to read the links provided above.

Due to some recent actions of a member of council the Integrity Commissioner was involved in an investigation. The Integrity Commissioner is a third party whose responsibility is to investigate and determine if a member of council has breached our Code of Conduct and to ensure that council’s ethical framework stays in tact. I encourage you to read the report by following this link.

The report written by a third party clearly confirms that “this entire project has been the subject of an extremely rigorous process.”

There are all kinds of lies that are being spread by a small group of people in our community. I encourage you to reach out to a reliable source before assuming what you are hearing is true. 

There is a small group of people in the community who feel that hate and demanding answers through correspondence to myself and council will make us give in and share information that we are not permitted to nor recommended to at this time.

Many of the same small group who I have heard from, disgruntled with this, are the same names you will see on social media defaming the developer the town is negotiating with and attacking both their personal and company name. I personally don’t believe this disgruntled group wants information for pure or legitimate reasons but rather to continue to attempt to sabotage anything good going on in the community. It is truly sad.

As I always say, please do your own due diligence. I also ask that you don’t fan the “drama” flames with the haters and harassers as that is exactly what they want. There is ample accurate information on the town’s website about everything great going on in Wasaga Beach and I encourage you to share it. 

Please deal in facts.