Nina Bifolchi

New Year’ Resolution – 2022

My New Year’s Resolution 2022

One of my goals at the beginning of this term was to work towards healing the divide that had been created during the last term of council. The results of the last election were very clear that residents were tired of the hate, drama, insufficient information from town hall and negativity that had been created by the administration of the day.

Early on in this term I met with several individuals who were not my fans, did not vote for me, but as someone who does not hold grudges and works in the best interest of the community, I reached out to them and accepted meetings with those who asked. I tried, but I have realized that some people’s bitterness and hate goes far too deep to ever heal.

I was baffled this morning to be advised by the Deputy Mayor not long before an arranged cheque presentation photo, that the participants “weren’t comfortable” being in a picture with me. Seriously?

Apparently, I am to be blamed for a call for real estate services the town put out a couple of years ago and that local real estate agents were upset with me. The whisper campaigns, speculation, getting information from anyone but the source, needs to stop.

I will clarify again that I had no part in the RFP until it hit the council table at the same time as the rest of my fellow council members. If you hear different or speculations of some other scheme, the person you are speaking to is not being truthful.

The town put out a media release at the time due to innuendo being spread however, I would be happy to meet with any local real estate agent who has concerns or who is apparently upset with me over this council decision in order to set the record straight. You are obviously not being told the truth or full story.

Today’s events were concerning as I was shocked that such skewed information was circulating throughout a professional group considering I have only heard from a total of five people (2 from one real estate firm and three from another) all who met with myself and town staff at the time following council’s decision.

I am asked all the time “how do you continue to function with all the negativity thrown at you, the lies told about you and how do you bite your tongue from responding!”

The haters have yet to grasp it, so I will help them out. Every challenge that comes before me is not met with weakness or fear. Every challenge, BS obstacle and lie, that no doubt takes several minds to put together and days of plotting over, makes me stronger. As my son told a man one day who was making unappreciated/suggestive comments to him about me … back off, she will eat you alive! Do not underestimate my politeness as weakness.

Those who know me or follow my website posts know that I am very transparent about my life as well as what goes on at town hall. Those who know me know that I do not like being politically correct, as I believe it lacks in sincerity and truth for the most part. Unfortunately, when you are truthful and call people out on their BS they have total meltdowns, claim to be the victim and then set out on their path of revenge.

I fight daily for what is right for this community, but please understand I will fight just as hard for my family, friends, co-workers and my reputation. I will not be politically correct to spare your selfish feelings or be passive when you choose to lie about me, others or a situation.

I have been asked if I am worried about losing votes in the next election by speaking my mind. I have had other politicians suggest to fly under the radar, keep my position safe. If I can’t speak my mind, lead this community, defend myself and those I care about, be truthful, act with integrity, standing up for what is right all while meeting the goals council set at the beginning of this term … then the position doesn’t interest me. I refuse to compromise who I am.

If the public wants someone who does not do the things I mentioned above, that is their prerogative.

I think the community has made some great strides over the past three years and I believe residents have come together and see the benefit of the advancements we have made. There are some people who just love to hate and there will never be any hope of changing them. Some people will say “kill them with kindness” however that does not work on people who are this far gone. Sometimes you just have to call it what it is and move on!

I am pleased to say that an update on council’s 2018-2022 priorities will be in resident’s mailboxes this week. We are in great shape!

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions … lets face it, my healthy eating and workouts end just days into the new year as I fill my face with everything I love.

This year is different as I am making a conscious decision to not waste time on those who only spew hate. I choose family, friends, laughs and good times. To the frequent flier liars and haters … I hope you find some peace in your life.

I have already started blocking the haters on social media and removed myself from certain groups as no one needs or deserves to be dragged into their dark pathetic pit. They do not deserve my time and they do not deserve yours. Do not give them air or an audience. Cut them off! The bully is always looking for attention and an audience…….don’t give it to them.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!