Nina Bifolchi

Income Geared Housing for Seniors

Affordable Housing means different things to different people. For me, affordable housing needs to be considered for those in our communities who are seniors or persons with disabilities with moderate, fixed or low incomes. These are people who are no longer able to work, have low or fixed incomes, disabilities and perhaps worked hard their entire life only to have fallen on a hard time. Safe, affordable housing goes a long way for overall health and wellbeing.

Municipalities, working along with developers during consultation stages of development proposals need to be looking at ways to accommodate this needed housing stock.

In 2014 the Town of Wasaga Beach moved forward with approvals to allow second dwelling units within residences provided certain zoning, health and safety requirements were met. This guide can be found at Allowing second units will assist homeowners looking to subsidize their income by providing affordable, safe housing for those needing it. It will provide opportunities for family members to live together within their own living space through different stages of their lives which can prove financially beneficial for everyone. Younger families can benefit by not having to pay day care or after school care when the children’s grandparents are available to help.

There are a number of affordable housing facilities in Simcoe County offering help to veterans, seniors and persons with disabilities with low or fixed incomes. To view some of these visit
You will notice that these are quite nice buildings with the outside yards kept up.

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