Nina Bifolchi

I am not a liar

Newsroom: I’m not a Liar

At the July 25, 2017 Council meeting I was challenged by Councillor Bonnie Smith that information on my website was not true. When I asked the Councillor if she was calling me a liar she responded “yes.”

I am posting the emails below that followed that meeting. Councillor Smith copied them to the media making them public.

I have been asked a number of times by the public, if I have received an apology or if I am expecting one. I will let the emails speak for themselves.

I will note that I have heard from the Integrity Commissioner who confirmed my right to freedom of expression and indicated that he had not found any clear inaccuracies on my blog nor had I misrepresented any of the decisions of Council.

From: Bonnie Smith
Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2017 12:57 PM
To: Deputy Mayor – Nina Bifolchi
Cc: Council ; George Vadeboncoeur ; Andrea Fay ; Andrew McNeill ;; Ian Adams
Subject: Apolgy to Deputy Mayor.

Nina, In reference to my remarks concerning your website comments (below) I would like to apologize for answering your question to me “Are you calling me a liar” I responded “yes”:. I should have responded “You knowingly misrepresented aspects of the FRAM shipyards project.” If required I plan to apologize in public at the next meeting of Council.

Here are the comments I am referring to. These were taken directly from your website this morning.

I look at Collingwood’s experience and have concerns that the same thing could happen here. Why hasn’t Fram finished the Collingwood project? It appears that Fram didn’t deliver on the promise of creating a people place with retail, restaurant, and public square which would have extended the downtown shopping district to the water’s edge….

…It is my opinion that it is not in the best interest of our community to put all of our eggs in the FRAM basket…

….Here is the view from the foot of Collingwood’s main street, in to what was proposed to be a retail/restaurant/public area extension of the downtown shopping district. The land is unkempt and sits undeveloped.”

Note: photos are not included in the email., but they are old pictures of the site, not current ones.
Bonnie Smith
Councillor, Town of Wasaga Beach

From: Nina Bifolchi
Sent: July 28, 2017 3:43:14 PM
To: Bonnie Smith; Nina Bifolchi
Cc: Council; George Vadeboncoeur; Andrea Fay; Andrew McNeill;; Ian Adams
Subject: RE: Apolgy to Deputy Mayor.

Councillor Smith,
I would like to remind you that as members of council we have a responsibility to uphold the Municipal Act. We have an obligation and a moral right to present the public with facts that are correct. In my eleven years on council I know I have done that. This process if followed, ensures the greater good of the Municipality is done within the Municipal Act.

Based on my opening paragraph one can see the facts that I posted are accurate, the ones in which you have called me a liar.

I appreciate you acknowledging the inappropriateness of your conduct at the July 25, 2017 council meeting. I am not a liar nor were any of the comments on my website inaccurate or lies. Your comments were defamatory and carry consequences.

It would be appropriate for you to publicly acknowledge at the August 22, 2017 council meeting that your accusations were wrong and that I did not lie on my website. Your comments were slanderous and have consequences.

Just as concerning was your written apology dated July 26, 2017 which you copied council, the integrity commissioner, several staff members and the media. Your indication that you should have responded with “you knowingly misrepresented aspects of the FRAM shipyards project” is libelous and also has consequences. I believe you also need to address this publicly due to the number of people you sent it to.

Also in your written apology you state that the photos were old pictures of the site, not current ones. Your statement is completely false and also requires an apology as it is libelous.

Failing an appropriate public apology with no further slanderous comments, addressing the above, I will have no option but to take further steps to correct this situation and clear my name which you have defamed.

You further sent me an email on July 28, 2017 which I have not copied into this email as you did not copy the media on that one and I wouldn’t want to break the rules regarding sharing town emails. However, within that email you further defame me. Please understand Councillor Smith that I do not take direction from you and your behavior must stop.

Deputy Mayor Nina Bifolchi

From: Bonnie Smith
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2017 4:34 PM
To: Nina Bifolchi
Cc: Council ; George Vadeboncoeur ; Andrea Fay ; Andrew McNeill ;; Ian Adams
Subject: Re: Apolgy to Deputy Mayor.

This is now in the hands of the integrity commissioner, I have no further comments.
Bonnie Smith
Councillor, Town of Wasaga Beach