Nina Bifolchi

Fact or Fiction

Some people believe that as Mayor, there is an expectation that I will ignore ignorant, unethical and complete lies said about me. Over the past few years, I have ignored a lot and recognize that with this position comes criticism. I have no issue with someone disagreeing with my opinion, how I voted on a matter and publicly sharing that they do not agree with me.

However, when it crosses a line that affects my reputation or my family, and are complete lies meant to defame, I have every right to speak out against it and I will.

I was not elected to the position of Mayor because people saw me as a pushover, but rather as a person who will defend and fight for what I believe is in the best interests of our community.

I hope those who saw those qualities in me will understand why I will also stand up and defend my family and myself even if some feel it is not politically correct to do so. Those who know me will expect nothing less from me!

We teach out kids to stand up to bullying. We tell our children not to let others define them or knock them down. We tell them that people with low self-esteem are more likely to criticize others or put them down in order to make themselves feel better. We tell our children to be truthful.
As I correct inaccurate information, I will not criticize or put others down. There is no need to. I will however, share their names and comments (verbatim) from Facebook. I believe it is time that people take responsibility for their words and actions. We have far too many keyboard warriors with no accountability.

A Woman as Mayor

I am extremely proud to be the first female Mayor of Wasaga Beach. However, I was not elected to this position because I was a female but because I have the ability to lead and move this community forward in a transparent and above board manner.

I have worked with many men who were supportive of my ideas, my abilities and me. Many men also support me in our community who voted for me because they thought I was the right person for the job. Unfortunately, a female Mayor seems to be troublesome to some people who perhaps do not know how to disagree with my opinion in a respectful manner.

I will be providing quotes posted on Facebook along with the facts and some of my personal comments on a few matters.


During the 2018 election I had been told that my house was being watched to catch men coming and going … I guess the joke was on those who wasted their time watching!

Pictures of my house have been posted on a couple of occasions and comments posted on Facebook about things I was doing on a particular day (ie: grass cutting). They like me to know they are watching. I have even had a (known) person swerve his vehicle at me while I waited to turn into my driveway. We both know who you are.

Lies are posted about how much I drink while out for dinner with friends. This particular post was about a night friends and I had dinner and played trivia at Chuck’s Roadhouse. While gin is my preferred drink, I certainly did not have 8 doubles as some were suggesting, I had one glass of wine. I guess the eye sight of two gentlemen in the bar area (also known to me) were too far away to get my order straight. Any lie to attempt to discredit me.

Posts criticizing how I dress or how high my heels are may be meant to make me feel insecure; however, they are irrelevant to me. I am who I am, and I love heels!

Yes, I am divorced and I spend time with friends and on occasion go on dates. I am 49, alive and intend to enjoy life! As you can see from a cake friends brought me for my birthday……we are all laughing at the “randy” comment made in the post. Thanks to my friends who totally get my sense of humour and those who continue to be seen in public with me despite the self-appointed local paparazzi!


Far too often, I have heard “don’t show you are angry.” If angry behavior is shown on a daily basis, I completely agree it is not a beneficial emotion. However, on occasion I think it is good for people to see that you care enough about a situation to be annoyed and angry. I have watched male politicians raise their voices to make a point and that seems to be completely acceptable. However, when a woman does it, she is emotional, out of control, lost it and gone postal!


Blatant lies to discredit mislead and defame!

There have been many situations whereby individuals in the community posted information about my family and myself that are false. Even when accurate information has been shared with them and/or confirmed by the Integrity Commissioner some people just continue to spread lies.

There are too many examples to provide but here are a few:


I have clarified on a number of occasions that I did not have a campaign manager. In all four elections I have run (all successful) I have managed my own campaign.

With me, no one gets special favours (family/friends included!) nor do I expect any. My parents have been doing business successfully in Wasaga Beach (and elsewhere) for decades and long before I was on council. The development community is well aware that I cannot be bought, everyone is treated fairly, and I am respected for that.

Despite the definitions below, some people continue to put in print lies on Facebook.

Defamation: refers to harming another person’s reputation by making a false written or oral statement about that person to a third party.

Libel: defamation with a permanent record, such as an email, a radio or TV broadcast, a newspaper, a website posting etc.

To prove, a plaintiff must show three things:

1) that the material is false and lowers the person’s reputation
2) must be proved that the material refers to the plaintiff
3) it must be proved that the material is communicated or published for someone other than the person who was defamed.

With this next post … sometimes you just have to laugh!

Yes, I was working on this particular Sunday. I love my job, I love to work and it is common to see my truck at the office on the weekend.

In an attempt to imply a sneaky meeting on a Sunday, they failed to get a picture of the CAO’s car … because he was not there! That is my truck but the white car in the post was not the CAO’s … just a random white car.


For the record, my father excavated for a foundation for a property located on Indianola and once the walls were poured (by another contractor) he returned to backfill. He does not build homes for other people. He is in the excavation and topsoil business. He has not built a home or taken out a building permit for any construction on Indianola so there is no way he broke any building code rules. This poster refers to a publication that printed numerous inaccuracies about a private property owner’s development as well as about individuals. The facts have been widely shared however; some continue to share inaccuracies such as in the post above.


Always check your facts! If you have questions about me, my family, council decisions … come to the source!

Over the past few years when I have spoken my mind or shared facts about a situation to clarify the lies, a handful of people accuse me of playing a victim for it. While some may choose to do the same with this blog, I assure you I am no victim.

I will continue to speak my mind; defend others, this community and myself.

I will not be intimidated or hide because a few choose to invade my privacy, and attempt to take my sense of security and safety away.

I will call out those who knowingly spread falsehoods and damage our community.

Despite the constant attacks by a few; I will continue to be me, enjoy life, family and friends, never lose my sense of humour, enjoy the beauty and the lifestyle Wasaga Beach offers, drive my truck with the music just a bit too loud … all while wearing 4” heels and a skirt!

Along with a fantastic council and staff … we will move Wasaga Beach forward!!