Nina Bifolchi

Did You Receive a Copy of a Paper in your Mailbox This Week

If you did, please read my following comments and opinions on this subject.

I received numerous calls this week from residents about receiving a paper in their mailboxes. This paper is usually only to be found in such places as local coffee shops and laundromats however, this week just before online voting started for this year’s municipal election, this particular paper apparently made it to most every mailbox in town. For those many who were not happy receiving this paper by mail, you can contact the paper directly to communicate your displeasure. Their contact information can be found on page 2.

Reputable newspapers such as the The (Wasaga) Sun adhere to common elements of ethical reporting which include truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. This is why you may have noticed my large ad in the The (Wasaga) Sun this week.

The paper you found in your mailbox chose to re-publish former Councillor Bill Stockwell’s views as expressed in a recent Facebook posting attributed to his name.

As all of you already know, Bill quit council a couple of months ago and relocated to Canada’s East Coast. Some might call it a cowardly act on his part to quit, leave town and then post critical comments on Facebook such as he did. This particular paper, which doesn’t seem to be governed by any journalistic code of ethics apparently downloaded Stockwell’s diatribe from Facebook and made the decision to print it.

I believe that Stockwell’s hateful and malicious words may be simply because he didn’t realize that sometimes doing the right thing means speaking up as Councillor Bray and I were required to do on a regular basis over the past four years in trying to defend our community from its own council.

I have no intention of spending time speaking to the many inaccuracies in Bill’s comments. If you have questions just ask me…….I have an opinion on everything!
I believe it is truly a shame that at his stage of life Bill feels it necessary to spend his time sharing such malice from afar. It was this exact type of behavior that contributed in no small part to the divide that we now feel in our community as a result of the past four years of ingenuous leadership in council. I certainly hope that Bill can find some happiness in his retirement.

As we all countdown to October 22nd for the election results I ask that my supporters please stay classy and stick to facts. After October 22nd life will go on and we all need to work together to unite this community once again.

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