Nina Bifolchi

Desperate People Do Desperate Things

– June 9, 2022

A well known phrase that clearly defines the extreme behaviours of those writing in a local Wasaga Beach publication known as Beach Booster. In my opinion, while it rarely positively boosts anything in Wasaga Beach it certainly has mastered the art of spreading hate and misinformation.  

For the past eight years, Beach Booster has taken every opportunity to take unsubstantiated and hateful runs at me and others in our community in one-sided stories that could have easily been written by Pinocchio. Council has made town resources available to sue the owners of this publication, but to date I have chosen not to.

The way I see it, a lawsuit would cost the taxpayers financially. Mr. Bickerstaff and his publication have already cost the town. Town staff have also wasted hours of time correcting lies and misinformation in the publication. In my opinion, sensationalized stories written by those with no journalistic standards and an axe to grind, have already tarnished the town and the people living here without the need for further attention on them through the courts.

A new edition came out today with half-stories that in my opinion are meant to further spread misinformation, hate and divide. Sorry for the length of this but if you want the full story please read on.

NOTE: You will notice that I don’t address everything in the articles I speak to here. This doesn’t mean that articles are factual, it just means I don’t have the time to address them all. Much of what gets regurgitated by this particular group has been addressed previously and information can be found on the town’s website. I have also addressed a variety of topics in the newsroom section of my website.

There is an article with regard to the need for a secondary school in Wasaga Beach implying that I haven’t fought hard for one. Here are some facts:

-In 2005, I along with two other moms collected over 5,300 signatures in a very short  time frame requesting that a secondary school be built in Wasaga Beach. This was presented to the Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) at that time.

-I have been a member of town council since being elected in 2006 and can confirm that over the years the town has put forward to the SCDSB a business plan as well as financial contribution incentives to work with the school board to have a secondary school built in Wasaga Beach. We met many times with the Minister of Education and SCDSB representatives to express the need in Wasaga Beach.

-The Town has no authority as to when a secondary school, or any school, gets built in our community. This is the responsibility of the SCDSB who follows guidelines for these  builds. There is need all across Ontario and not enough funding. It is also important that new schools be built to ensure the students needs are met. There are many things that the school board considers when they are looking to build new schools. There is also the realization that smaller schools with low numbers of students just can’t provide the curriculum that will best serve our children. 

-The article states that former Mayor Smith fought for a high school and seemed to be on the verge of succeeding. This is not a true statement but rather the writers opinion.

-The Smith council of 2014-2018 did create a high school task force with Andy Beaudoin (Smith’s election campaign manager) as the Chair. 

-It was through this committee along with a town staff member that the long standing respectful working relationship between the town and school board was desecrated. The Town received correspondence from the school board indicating that communication moving forward between the staff member and the school board representative would need to be done through lawyers.

-While Tanya Snell was elected as Wasaga Beach (and surrounding area) trustee in the 2018 election, Ms. Snell is not the “first-ever school trustee” for Wasaga Beach. Wasaga Beach has always had a trustee representing the community who was elected at the same time as  municipal elections were held.

For those who want to learn more about the town’s involvement over the years with regard to bringing a secondary school to Wasaga Beach, please visit this link. You can also watch a presentation by SCDSB Chair Lloyd under the February 24, 2022 heading within the link.

There is an article with the heading “Mayor deems herself “worthy” of a newly defined description.” Here are some facts and the story behind that pic!:

The writer, Laura Smith (known on social media as Laura Black Smith) was the author of this almost humorous, all over the map, but clearly hateful piece. She is well known for her inappropriate, libellous and slanderous comments and really should move out of her glass house if she is going to keep this up.

The picture that has been used in the publication is a still shot from a video that was posted. I don’t normally sit on my council table nor conduct my council duties in ripped jeans. 

This was on March 30, 2020 in response to a last minute challenge by Ben McCully of Max FM. It was during COVID when everyone needed a bit of a boost and I was called out to join in on the 10 push up challenge. I picked a spot most people would recognize and while my push up form was not great I received lots of positive comments and support. 

Here is the video which I will mention has nothing to do with the rest of the writers hate piece. I will note I’m usually up for a challenge and years ago when former Mayor Cal Patterson publicly challenged me to climb the fire truck ladder I gladly grabbed my runners!

Watch the video!

Ms. Smith then goes on to mention a term I used in a blog I wrote a couple of years ago. Definitely another skewed take on things so I encourage you to visit my website and read my story for yourself. It’s about an hour read but following that you will then have a clear understanding as to why I have had to become “unf*ckwithable.” Thick skin is required in municipal politics in order to best serve the community. It appears the thickness of mine is offensive to some.


Ms. Smith continues on in her scattered comments with regard to a WDI staff matter. Staffing information at WDI is confidential as are all employee matters and it is alarming that Ms. Smith would wade into a subject that she has no knowledge of. I can however confidently confirm that I was not “charged” nor found guilty of whatever Ms. Smith is implying.

There is an article titled “Hate, lies and division in Wasaga Beach” and “The Big Lie.” Here are some facts:

First off, kudos to Beach Booster for the awesome mug shot used in this write up. You have used some special pictures of me in the past but this one looks like I was picked up after an exhausting (but probably fun) wild night and thrown in the clink.

This editorial opinion was written by Andy Beaudoin (Charles A. Beaudoin). Who is Andy?

Andy was former mayor Brian Smith’s election campaign manager. He also previously served as campaign manager for former MP Helena Guergis. Both were not successful in their last election attempts.

Andy was also the Chair of the High School Task Force Committee from the Smith 2014-2018 term of council. This was mentioned earlier in my post. He was the chair of the committee when the breakdown occurred between the school board and the town.

It appears that Andy has also been supporting the Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association based on this picture from a recent rally they held outside of town hall.

Photo courtesy of Beach Booster Media Group.

Misinformation and lies in Andy’s article:

-The special meeting of council was held on July 10, 2018, not July 12, 2018 as Andy suggests.

-Andy writes that during my statement on (July 10, 2018) I read from a prepared statement that I had “been working with the OPP Anti-Rackets Squad in Orillia for two years investigating Town Council.” Andy is not telling the truth as I never said I was working with the OPP investigating Town Council. This is a LIE.

-Andy continues to talk about how I managed to “convince” the police to investigate and that this probe was ongoing and very deep. This is a LIE.

-At no time did I ask the OPP to investigate nor was my discussion with them a complaint. I took my concerns to them about things that were going on and shared my fear for the community if things went in the direction I thought they would. At the end of my discussion with them I indicated that I felt better that I had shared with them and the weight was off my shoulders. 

-Andy refers several times that I accused Smith of wrongdoing or inferred that he was a crook and would soon be charged. Not once in my July 10, 2018 statement did I even mention former Mayor Smith. Andy, you are making things up!

-Andy refers to a letter he received from the OPP. I too have correspondence that states the following:

An email from myself to the OPP:

“I believe Mr. Beaudoin has taken your word “allegations” and spun this into  something more. There was no investigation nor charges and I have never claimed that  despite him implying that in his letter to me. I brought “concerns” I had to the OPP as I  needed someone to be aware of them.”

Response from OPP to myself:

“That’s right you did. It looks like he did spin it into something else. I’m sorry you have been faced with this.”

-Andy also references letters he sent to me in an effort to heal the divide. These letters while speaking about healing the divide ended with threats. His first letter had inaccuracies challenging me to make statements I couldn’t. He then gave me a timeline to meet his demands and if I didn’t comply he threatened to go public.

-I did share his letter with staff and OPP which resulted in another letter from him again with inaccurate statements. Again, threatening if I did not do as he said he would go public. I don’t respond to threats Andy.

-What did I say at the meeting held July 10, 2018? “My concern for the taxpayer, the future of our town and the need to share information led me to my first meeting with the OPP Anti-Rackets branch on April 5, 2016. The concerns I shared with them that day and since are now being realized.”

-It’s funny that while I never said the things Andy claims I said, you have to question why some people in the room that day heard my comments differently. Why would they do that?

-Myself and then Councillor Sylvia Bray were looking out for this community and it’s residents during the 2014-2018 term of council. As an example the deal that was being worked on regarding the casino being located at the beachfront that you the taxpayers were going to have a large burden put on your backs but myself along with you knew nothing about it at the time. You can read more about this by following this link;


Beach Booster while I felt very special for having you give so much attention to me in this months publication, your obsession with me is a bit over the top. I would suggest that spending a bit more time “boosting” all the great things that are happening in our community would be a much better use of everyone’s time. Help to heal the divide with your platform, stop the hate and lies.