Nina Bifolchi

Declining Invitation from BEACHBOOSTER to Debate


At 4:10 pm on Thursday, August 30th I received an email from Bill Frieday at Beachbooster Promotions Wasaga Beach inviting me to participate in a one-on-one pre-election debate with fellow Mayoralty candidate, incumbent Mayor Brian Smith. I had already been aware for some time that a certain group of Smith supporters was plotting something as they kept letting things slip on social media. In fact I saw something about this debate on Facebook, three hours prior to receiving my summons to attend.

Some of my opponent’s more rabid supporters on social media have suggested that “I’m scared” or “too much of a coward” to debate Brian Smith. I find these types of suggestions to be both pathetic and at the same time somewhat humorous as, if I had ever found myself falling into either of those categories I would have vacated my council seat a few years back.

For all those residents and business persons in our wonderful Town who might believe my opponent’s supporters continuing innuendo as to my lack of integrity and political and business acumen, let me make something perfectly clear, I WILL NOT be bullied nor will I be peer pressured into doing anything that runs contrary to my own high moral and ethical standards. My intention is to win this election for MAYOR by being uncompromisingly honest, truthful and tactful in all aspects of our municipal government oversight and in treating all members of my Council and the public with the dignity and respect to which the electorate has entrusted me. I intend to return our Council Chamber to a place of high integrity, harmony and diligence that has been sorely lacking these past four years.

To clarify my reasons for rejecting this invitation, I have included both emails below.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me or email me and I would be more than happy to provide you a truthful answer on any topic.


Dear Bill,

I find that I must respectfully decline any type of personal involvement with your proposal to host a “Candidate for Mayor Debate,” despite your claims that “It would be strictly and fairly managed with debate style rules.”

I found it most interesting that a local resident posted “Breaking News” on Facebook about this particular “debate” approximately three hours prior to my receiving your email. I would have thought that prior to any public announcement on this matter it would have been discussed with the candidates as to their availability and willingness to participate.

The Beachbooster organization and its various representatives have displayed an open bias in favor of the incumbent Mayor on many occasions over the past few years, to the point where Beachbooster is widely referred to as “BRIANBOOSTER” throughout Town. Based on the foregoing I would find it highly improbable that any type of debate organized and managed by Beachbooster would be at all fair particularly to my campaign.

I know from having watched several recent Provincial and Federal political debates that public debates tend to degenerate into personal attacks as opposed to truthful debates on the important issues. Those who can easily spin the truth are generally and very unfortunately considered to be the better debaters and thus the better candidates. I admit this is not something at which I excel as my strengths lie in my honesty and integrity and I truly believe that those are the underlying principles that will carry this upcoming election, not empty promises and untruths.

Bill, I have already spent four years debating my current Mayoralty opponent during which time I have endured what I believe to be ingratiating, unprofessional and demeaning behavior and I have absolutely no intention of providing an openly biased platform for my opponent to continue his malicious personal attacks, particularly in his good friend’s clubhouse venue.



Email from Beachbooster received August 30, 2018 4:10pm

Dear Nina:
We are planning on hosting a “Candidate for Mayor Debate”. It would be strictly and fairly managed with debate style rules.
We have booked space at Marlwood Golf Clubhouse on Sunday, September 16 at 1 p.m. We expect the event to last 1 Hour or less.
Unfortunately, this is the Sunday of the Blues Festival but we could all go to the Blues after the event at Marlwood is done.
Please let me know if the 16th is okay or should we pick another date to hold the event.

Bill Frieday
Beach Booster Promotions