Nina Bifolchi


Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolchi would like to hear from you. Contact her by filling out the form below.  Also supply your address if you would like to have a lawn sign.

    Make sure you are on the voters list!

    Voting: Dates and Times

    You should be receiving in the mail a voter information letter with a personal identification number (PIN) which will allow you to conveniently vote 24 hours per day on your device from October 3, 2022 at 10am to October 24, 2022 8pm. 

    Paper ballots with tabulators are also available at town hall October 12th and 21st from 10am to 3pm. 

    Paper ballots with tabulators will also be available at the RecPlex October 15th 10am to 3pm and October 19th 10am to 7pm. 

    There will be no paper ballot voting on election day October 24th. I encourage you to vote early!

    For further information please refer to the town’s website at or by phone 705-429-3844 ext 2223 and town staff will assist you. 

    To make sure you are on the list and your information is accurate, visit to register, confirm details and update any information that may not be current.

    There are rules that must be followed for those wishing to make a financial contribution towards the campaign. 

    Who can make a contribution:
    Contributions can only be accepted from individuals who are residents of Ontario. Corporations and trade unions are not permitted to make contributions to candidates.

    Groups such as clubs, associations or ratepayer’s groups are not eligible to make contributions. The members of these groups may make individual contributions from their personal funds (as long as they are residents of Ontario).

    Contribution limits:
    There is a $1,200 limit that applies to contributions from individuals. If a person makes more than one contribution (for example, contributes money, contributes goods, and purchases a ticket to a fundraising event), the total value of all the contributions cannot exceed $1,200.

    The maximum total amount that a contributor can give to candidates in the same jurisdiction (for example, running for the same council or for the same school board) is $5,000.

    Only a contribution that is $25 or less can be made in cash. All contributions above $25 must be made by cheque, money order or by a method that clearly shows where the funds came from.

    Contribution receipts:
    Receipts will be issued for every contribution received. The receipt should show who made the contribution, the date and the value. If the contribution was in goods or services, the value of the goods or services must be determined and a receipt issued for the full value.

    Note: Contribution receipts are not tax receipts. Contributions to municipal council and school board campaigns cannot be credited against provincial or federal income taxes.

    Election/Lawn Sign:
    Please send your request for a lawn sign by email or by using the form above, indicating your house address.

    • Election signs are not permitted until the day following candidate certifications (August 23, 2022)
    • Election signs are not permitted on any municipal property.
    • Cannot be erected within 50 meters of a voting place (including vehicles).
    • No signs/advertising materials (including buttons/pins etc.) can be displayed on or in any municipal property, facility, or voting place.
    • No town logos, trademarks, or official mark may be displayed
    • Shall not be located within a sight triangle
    • Must not interfere with the safe operation of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
    • Must not be posted before the certification of the candidate’s nomination, and removed within 72 hours after Election Day.
    • No more that 2 election signs per candidate on any residential property and no more than 3 on lands zoned otherwise.