Nina Bifolchi

Clarifying My Comments from the Special Council Meeting of July 10, 2018

Posted July 13, 2018

A handful of people have taken offence to things I said at this meeting that I feel need to be clarified.

I pointed out that my comments regarding the Letter of Intent the town was considering were clearly laid out on my website in great detail which explained why I couldn’t in good faith support it and encouraged people to contact me if they wanted to discuss it further.

We heard from staff at the Friday July 6th meeting that the treasurer has reviewed the financial modelling of this agreement and that it is acceptable to her. I pointed out that this information had not been shared with council and that I would expect that prior to the “binding” LOI coming forward, that council would have a staff report clearly laying out to council why this agreement is financially in the town’s best interest.

I pointed out that I have heard over and over “you can’t control what you don’t own” and shared my thoughts that by signing this LOI this council is handing control of our entire town owned beachfront properties to one developer and that it will tie the hands of future councils and this community for possibly decades.

I shared that this council did not have the information required to make this decision and that I was concerned there would be some horrific unintended consequences that will be paid for by this community for decades if it was approved as is.

I shared that out of concern for the taxpayers, the future of our town and a need to share information led me to my first meeting with the OPP Anti Racket Branch on April 5, 2016. It would not have been appropriate for me to go through the local detachment which is why I went through the Orillia branch.

I will point out that this is only one governing body that I have spoken to over this term of council.

This term has been nothing like my first two. When you are part of a council, that in my opinion is a voting block, who decline your request to go in camera to discuss legitimate concerns, you need to go somewhere to get peace of mind and to have another governing body hear your concerns.

At no time did I accuse or mention any member of council or staff, nor did I indicate that there was criminal or illegal activity nor did I infer that there was an active investigation. I’m not sure why some have automatically jumped to this conclusion.

I work for the residents of this community.

I answer to the residents of this community.

I have heard from more concerned residents this term of council than my previous two put together.

I have a right to share publicly steps I have taken on their behalf.

I have a right to speak to any governing body about concerns I have.

For some to demand full disclosure at the council table of what I shared with other governing bodies is not a requirement I have to adhere to.

I shared concerns about the direction this community was going in and those concerns still exist today. That is my opinion of which I am allowed.

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