Nina Bifolchi

Be Aware of Snake Oil Salesmen

Be aware of snake oil salesmen!
May 6, 2022

Those who know me, know that I ignore petty things that get said about me. Such as, recently a person felt the need to post on social media that I had worn my skirt backwards because I had the slit in the front. I have been dressing myself for some time now and I know that the tag and zipper go in the back and in this case the slit in the front!

This individual obviously needed to pick on someone that particular day and I’m an easy target. That being said, I think its fair to say that most of us have been caught at one time or another with our t-shirt on inside out or a drier sheet in our pant leg. These are usually funny moments that you laugh off with the friend who notices, not try to publicly shame someone.

My advice, don’t take yourself so seriously, life is far too short to be that miserable.

However, there are times that people and their lies need to be called out. Some have said that if someone has defamed me or could be held liable, I should just sue them.  And if I don’t sue them then they must not have done anything wrong. I’ve addressed this before but I’ll say it again. 

The process to sue someone and go through the courts takes too long all while people continue to believe the lies being spread about you. It costs the person’s reputation and the community’s reputation. There is a policy to protect and defend a member of council or staff when a member of the public defames them, but there is a financial cost to the taxpayers which I don’t wish to put upon them. 

So instead, let’s end the latest lies here.

Giorgio Mammoliti, a self proclaimed advocate recently paid for two radio ads on 97.7, paid for a flyer to land in Wasaga Beach mailboxes and while poorly attended, he held another Facebook live event. 

The first radio ad he said this:

“Flip flops are not just worn on the beach in my opinion the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are both wearing flips flops at town hall both flip and flopping on their promises not to sell our beach area and are allowing condos to be built on our main beachfront” 

While not accurate, we ignored the foolishness played on the radio a few weeks ago. His statement clearly shows Mammoliti’s lack of understanding of what transpired during the last term of council. However, when time permits I will put together an article to add to my website so that you all have the facts. 

In this particular situation to keep it simple, I absolutely said no to condos on Beach Area 2 which is owned by the town but was not part of the development plans for the beachfront at the time (and still is not). This was a last minute switch by the previous council to allow just condos (not commercial or public outdoor spaces etc.) on Beach Area 2 and abandon for the time being the redevelopment of Beach Area 1 which has been subsidized by tax payers since its quick purchase in 2015. 

I have always said that in order for Beach Area 1 to be financially feasible for redevelopment with commercial on the main floor, outdoor and public areas etc., it will need to include a residential component. If not, we will continue to look at the run down buildings and non existent amenities we see today while continuing to be subsidized by the taxpayer. 

I look forward to sharing in a future article, the facts about redevelopment of our beachfront and how we ended up in the position we are today.

The second radio ad included statements from Mammoliti such as “there may be corruption at our town hall” and “I question if some developers have our politicians and head officials in their pocket.” 

This publication is defamatory and grounds for an action in defamation. The politicians and head officials that these statements were made about could each utilize the town’s policy to defend themselves against this individual. 

Mammoliti gives no examples of corruption or pockets being lined, because there are none. This council and its staff during the 2018-2022 term of council has been open, honest, transparent and responsible when representing its residents and taxpayers. I can’t speak to Mammoliti’s past or what he has been used to, but I can assure the resident’s of this community that people including developers know that this council can not be bought nor will we sell out our community. 

As I always say do your own due diligence. Avoid the snake oil salesmen.