Nina Bifolchi


Welcome to my website.

In both 2006 and 2010 I was a municipal election candidate and was successful in securing a seat as a Councillor in the Town of Wasaga Beach.

In 2014 I successfully ran and was elected as your Deputy Mayor.

In 2018 I was thrilled to hear the results that I was elected as the Mayor of the Town of Wasaga Beach. Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me and my abilities to lead this community.

I ran my campaign in all four elections based on truth, honesty and transparency. I am dedicated to you and our community and doing what is right for the community as a whole.

I am extremely happy to have council members this term who bring vast experience to the council table, whose core values are similar to mine and who respect staff, fellow council members, policy, process and legislation. Along with staff, we have a great team!

My website is a place to find information about events and meetings I attend as well as under the newsroom section important information that I want to share with you.

I look forward to seeing you in the community!

Mayor Nina Bifolchi

Deputy Mayor Nina Bifolchi Defeats Incumbent Brian Smith for Mayor of Wasaga Beach

Nina Bifolchi defeated incumbent Brian Smith for the position of Mayor of Wasaga Beach.

Nina Bifolchi – 6,101
Brian Smith – 3,981

Bifolchi ran her campaign based on truth, honesty and transparency. Bifolchi says the new council will need to made informed decisions with regards to the beachfront, library and new arena.

Sylvia Bray will be the new Deputy Mayor of Wasaga Beach.

Sylvia Bray – 6,584
Bonnie Smith – 3,361


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