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Let’s be positive during a difficult time …

At a time that the world is in a doom and gloom state, where every time you turn on the TV, radio or social media it is bad scary stuff…….we need to find levity in our world, for ourselves and for our children.

Mental health is a huge issue for many people on a regular day and even more so now during a worldwide pandemic with many confined to their homes. We need to find moments to sing, dance, laugh and have some fun.

Thank you to those who are supportive and positive even when times are tough. You are so important right now to our community!

You will see on my Facebook posts there are times I do things that others like to criticize … but by far most people see the humour and fun in which they are done. To those who support me because I am not what some consider to be a normal politician………thank you!

Yes, I wear (currently in style) ripped jeans when I am at the office, with no meetings scheduled, offices closed to the public and with intentions of giving my office a good clean. Who knew that my phone in radio interview that morning would turn into a push-up challenge (which I couldn’t turn down) resulting in a video of me in my ripped jeans.

Thanks Ben McCully of Max FM for adding levity to our day!

We had a retirement this week of a long time staff member, and due to social distancing, I climbed on top of a sign to keep my distance with others in the picture. Congratulations and thanks for your years of service Mike!


At 49, I am glad I can still do these things. I will continue to do stuff until I no longer can! As my friend Karen recently said……it’s better to wear out then rust out!

Being in politics, there will always be people from the opposition side who want to criticize me and add to the doom and gloom. There are some in this world that you will never please and sometimes have to stop trying and focus on those who truly want the best for their community.

Some people think that because I am in politics, a Mayor, I have to conform to what their version of that is. Sorry folks I am going to continue to be me, have fun, accept an occasional challenge (I will not eat bugs) and live life to its fullest! I choose to enjoy life and ignore the negativity and those who spout it!

If you are at home, feeling bored, sick of yard work or spring cleaning, then start making the list of fun stuff you want to do when this COVID-19 situation is over!

Be well!

Welcome to my website.

In both 2006 and 2010 I was a municipal election candidate and was successful in securing a seat as a Councillor in the Town of Wasaga Beach.

In 2014 I successfully ran and was elected as your Deputy Mayor.

In 2018 I was thrilled to hear the results that I was elected as the Mayor of the Town of Wasaga Beach. Thank you for the confidence you have shown in me and my abilities to lead this community.

I ran my campaign in all four elections based on truth, honesty and transparency. I am dedicated to you and our community and doing what is right for the community as a whole.

I am extremely happy to have council members this term who bring vast experience to the council table, whose core values are similar to mine and who respect staff, fellow council members, policy, process and legislation. Along with staff, we have a great team!

My website is a place to find information about events and meetings I attend as well as under the newsroom section important information that I want to share with you.

I look forward to seeing you in the community!

Mayor Nina Bifolchi

Deputy Mayor Nina Bifolchi Defeats Incumbent Brian Smith for Mayor of Wasaga Beach

Nina Bifolchi defeated incumbent Brian Smith for the position of Mayor of Wasaga Beach.

Nina Bifolchi – 6,101
Brian Smith – 3,981

Bifolchi ran her campaign based on truth, honesty and transparency. Bifolchi says the new council will need to made informed decisions with regards to the beachfront, library and new arena.

Sylvia Bray will be the new Deputy Mayor of Wasaga Beach.

Sylvia Bray – 6,584
Bonnie Smith – 3,361


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